GEPCO Online Bill January 2024 – Duplicate Bill GEPCO

GEPCO Online Bill January 2024 – Duplicate Bill GEPCO

Managing your electricity bills is essential, but sometimes, you may misplace your bill. Don’t worry; we’ll show you how to quickly get a duplicate GEPCO bill online in just four simple steps.

Check RefNo


Find Your Reference Number To get started, you’ll need your GEPCO bill’s reference number. This is a unique 14-digit number that’s crucial to access your bill.

gepco online bill check

Note Down Your Reference Number Once you have your reference number, make sure to jot it down or save it somewhere safe. This number will be your key to checking your bill later.

Enter Your Reference Number Go to the designated box at the top of this post and enter your 14-digit reference number. This is where you start the process of checking your GEPCO duplicate bill.

Click on the “Check Bill” Button After entering your reference number, all you need to do is click on the “Check Bill” button. This action will open a new tab with your duplicate bill, ready for you to view and print.

Find Your PITC GEPCO Bill Reference Number

Your GEPCO bill reference number is the key to accessing your electricity bill online. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find it. If you’re having trouble locating your reference number, we’ve included an image to help you out.

Look at the Top Left Corner of Your GEPCO Bill

Your GEPCO bill reference number is usually located at the top left corner of your duplicate bill, just after the Consumer ID. It’s a 14-digit number that’s essential for checking your bill online.

Use the Image for Reference

If you’re still having trouble finding your reference number, take a look at the image provided below this guide. It shows a sample GEPCO bill with the reference number clearly marked. This should make it easier for you to identify your reference number on your own bill.

gepco online bill check

How to Enter Your GEPCO Reference Number and Check Your Bill Online

Accessing your GEPCO bill online is a convenient way to stay on top of your electricity payments. In this guide, we’ll show you how to enter your reference number to check your GEPCO bill online. It’s easy, but you need to follow some important steps.

Find Your GEPCO Reference Number To begin, you must have your GEPCO bill or remember your reference number. This 14-digit number is crucial. You can locate it at the top left corner of your bill, just after the Consumer ID. Be sure to enter all 14 digits accurately to avoid any errors.

Enter Your Reference Number At the start of this article, you’ll see a box provided for you to enter your 14-digit GEPCO reference number. This is where you key in the number you found on your bill.

Click the “Check Bill” Button After entering your reference number, look for the “Check Bill” button, usually located just below the reference number field. Click on this button.

How to Download Your GEPCO Bill Online

Downloading your GEPCO electricity bill is a handy way to have a digital copy for your records. This guide will walk you through the simple process of downloading your bill online. We’ve already discussed how to check your GEPCO bill, and now we’ll explain how to download it.

Check Your GEPCO Bill As mentioned in a previous guide, ensure you’ve checked your GEPCO bill. You should have your 14-digit reference number ready, and you can find that on the bill.

Click on the “Print Bill” Button After checking your bill, you’ll notice a “Print Bill” button. Click on this button. It will take you to a new page with options for downloading your bill.

Choose “Save as PDF” On the new page, select the option “Save as PDF.” This will convert your bill into a downloadable digital format.

Download Your GEPCO Bill Online

How to Print a Duplicate GEPCO Bill Online

Printing your GEPCO electricity bill online is a convenient way to keep physical records and ensure your bills are paid on time. This guide will walk you through the process of printing a duplicate GEPCO bill online.

Check Your GEPCO Bill First, make sure you have checked your GEPCO bill, as explained in a previous guide. You should have your 14-digit reference number ready, which you can find on your bill.

Click on the “Print Bill” Button After checking your bill, you’ll notice a “Print Bill” button. Click on this button. It will open a new tab with options for printing.

Download Your GEPCO Bill Online

Access GEPCO Meter Reading Through Mobile Data Collection Service

GEPCO has introduced a new and convenient service that allows you to obtain your duplicate bill and meter reading through SMS on your mobile phone. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to use this service.

Provide Your Details To access your GEPCO meter reading via SMS, you need to provide some essential details. These include your GEPCO reference number, mobile number, email, and your name. Make sure to have this information ready. Click Here

Receive Meter Reading on Your Mobile Once you’ve provided the necessary details, you’ll receive the details of your GEPCO meter reading directly on your mobile phone, which you specified earlier. This convenient service eliminates the need for paper bills and allows you to access your meter reading information instantly.

Access GEPCO Meter Reading Through Mobile Data Collection Service

How to Apply for a New GEPCO Connection – The GEPCO ENC Procedure

Obtaining a new electricity connection from GEPCO is now easier with the online platform GEPCO offers three categories for new connections, each catering to different power requirements.

  • Category 1 5 KW This category is for consumers with a load of 15 KW, suitable for small-scale power needs.
  • Category 2 (16-70 KW) (400 V): This category is for consumers with power requirements between 16 to 70 KW at 400 Volts, offering a broader range of options.
  • Category 3 (71 to 500 KW) (400 V): For larger power requirements ranging from 71 to 500 KW at 400 Volts, Category 3 is the ideal choice.
  • Visit Start the application process by visiting, GEPCO’s online platform for new connections.

Choose Your Category: Select the category that aligns with your specific power requirements.

How to Apply for a New GEPCO Connection

Using the GEPCO Online Complaint System

If you’re facing issues with your GEPCO services, you can conveniently file a complaint online through the GEPCO E-complaint system available on the official website. Here’s what you need to know to register a successful complaint.

To submit an online complaint, you’ll need the following details to ensure your complaint is registered effectively:

  • Your Name: Provide your full name to identify yourself.
  • Mobile Number: Enter a valid mobile number so GEPCO can contact you.
  • Your Email: Include your email address for electronic communication.
  • Circle or City: Specify your location, indicating the circle or city where the issue is occurring.
  • Complaint Nature: Describe the nature of your complaint, whether it’s related to billing, power outage, or other concerns.
  • Your Reference Number: If you have a reference number related to your issue, make sure to include it.
  • Few Words of Your Complaint: Briefly explain your complaint, providing essential details about the problem you’re facing.

Click Here to GEPCO Online Complaint

GEPCO Online Complaint


The Gujranwala Electric Power Company Management Information System, commonly referred to as GEPCO MIS, is a computerized system used by GEPCO to streamline its business operations and enhance customer service. This system is designed to manage various aspects of the company’s commercial operations, including maintenance, customer service, and billing.

Through GEPCO MIS, customers have the convenience of reviewing their bills, making online payments, and accessing their account information. Additionally, it empowers the company to monitor energy usage, improve operational efficiency, and promptly address any customer concerns or issues. In essence, GEPCO MIS plays a pivotal role in enabling GEPCO to enhance customer service and ensure the effectiveness of its operations.

Gepco CNIC data collection

GEPCO has introduced a new service for its customers, allowing them to register with ease through their CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) and mobile numbers. To complete the registration process with GEPCO, you will need the following information:

  • Mobile Number: A valid mobile number for contact and verification.
  • CNIC: Your Computerized National Identity Card, which serves as an essential identification document.
  • Reference Number: This unique number assists in identifying your account.
  • Your Name: Your full name for proper identification and record-keeping.

This service simplifies the registration process and ensures that GEPCO can effectively serve its customers while maintaining accurate records.

GEPCO Net Metering

Net metering is a beneficial system that empowers customers with solar panels to generate their electricity and, if they produce an excess, sell it back to GEPCO. This service provides a two-fold benefit; you not only save money but also contribute to the power supply. GEPCO has recently introduced this service for net metering, making it easy for solar panel owners to engage. To get started, all you need is your solar panels and a sufficient electricity supply.

Your standard GEPCO electricity meter will be replaced with a net meter. This new meter is designed to measure both the electricity consumed from the GEPCO grid and the electricity generated by your solar system. When it comes to billing, GEPCO customers will only be charged for the net electricity they use. This “net” amount is calculated as the difference between the electricity consumed and the electricity generated by the customer.

Click Here to GEPCO Net Metering

GEPCO Net Metering

GEPCO Bill Calculator Online

If you wish to calculate your GEPCO bill online, you can easily do so by visiting Simply input the units from your current bill or the units you want to calculate. After entering the unit details, you’ll receive an estimated GEPCO bill for free, allowing you to plan your finances effectively.

GEPCO Helpline Number and Email Address

Should you require any assistance from GEPCO, you can reach out to them via their provided email address or phone number. In addition to digital communication, you have the option to visit their headquarters if you have specific issues that need in-person attention. GEPCO services are available 24/7, ensuring you can get the help you need at any time.

GEPCO Phone Numbers: +92-55-9200504 ,  +92-55-9200516 , +92-55-9200592

GEPCO is committed to making it easier for customers to access information, receive support, and manage their electricity usage effectively.

How to GEPCO online bill payment

Paying your GEPCO bill online offers a range of convenience and flexibility, and you can choose from a variety of payment options, including popular banks and digital wallets like Easy Paisa, JazzCash, Sadapay, Nayapay, Zindagi App, HBL, UBL, MCB, as well as all commercial banks, post offices, Nadra Collection Points, One Link, and more. Here’s a simplified guide to making your payment:

  1.  Access the Online Payment System Start by visiting the GEPCO website and accessing their online bill payment system.
  2. Select “Electricity Bill” Navigate to the “Electricity Bill” section to initiate the payment process.
  3.  Choose GEPCO Within the options presented, select “GEPCO” as your electricity provider.
  4. Enter Your 14-Digit Reference Number Input your unique 14-digit reference number accurately, ensuring there are no errors.
  5. Select Payment Method Choose your preferred payment method from the provided options, which include various banks and digital wallet services.
  6. Click “Pay” After verifying the details and payment amount, click the “Pay” button to complete the transaction.
  7.  Payment Confirmation Upon successful payment, you will receive a payment confirmation and receipt, depending on the payment method you’ve chosen.
GEPCO online bill payment

GEPCO’s online bill payment system offers the flexibility to pay your electricity bill using a method that suits your preferences. With multiple bank and digital wallet options available, you can conveniently settle your bills from the comfort of your home, eliminating the need for physical visits to payment centers.

FAQs About GEPCO Online Bill:

How can I check my GEPCO Bill Online?

To check your GEPCO Bill Online, visit, enter your 14-digit reference number, and submit the information. The system will display your bill details if available.

What is the GEPCO reference number?

The GEPCO reference number is a 14-digit unique identifier found on your bill. It is typically located in the top left or just below the Customer ID in the top right corner of the third row.

Can I check my GEPCO Bill Online Without the Reference Number?

No, the reference number is necessary for online bill checking. It is the primary identifier used to retrieve your bill information.

Can I pay my GEPCO Bill Online?

Yes, GEPCO provides online bill payment options. After checking your bill online, you can proceed to make payment through available methods on the GEPCO website.

Is Online Bill Checking Secure?

Yes, GEPCO ensures the security of its online bill-checking system. However, use a secure internet connection and avoid sharing personal information with unauthorized individuals or websites.

What if I have trouble accessing my GEPCO Online Bill?

For assistance with accessing your GEPCO online bill, contact the customer service helpline or visit the nearest GEPCO customer service center.

Can I view my Previous GEPCO Bills Online?

Yes, the GEPCO Online Bill system allows you to access and view your previous bills. Choose the desired billing period to view the corresponding bill.

Are there any charges for checking GEPCO bills online?

No, there are no charges for checking GEPCO bills online. The website is free of cost.

What is GEPCO complaint Method?

You can file a complaint online through the GEPCO helpline.

Can I calculate GEPCO bill online?

Yes, you can calculate the estimated bill amount by entering consumed units using the GEPCO bill calculator.

How can I get a duplicate GEPCO bill?

You can get a duplicate GEPCO bill at by entering the 14-digit reference number.

Can I check GEPCO bill without the reference number?

No, you cannot check the GEPCO bill with name, CNIC, address, or meter number. The reference number is necessary for online bill checking.

How can I change the name on my bill?

Apply for a name change at the GEPCO office. The process is the same as for a new connection.

How to check if my bill is paid or not?

This feature is not publicly available, but you can call the helpline to confirm bill payment.

What is FPA in GEPCO meter bill?

FPA is Fuel Price Adjustment, a variable amount based on fuel price fluctuations.

Can I check old bills online?

No, this feature is not available online. Visit the GEPCO headquarters to get old bills records.

Can I pay my GEPCO bill online?

Yes, you can pay your GEPCO bill using your mobile account like Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash.

Is the FPA constant?

No, it changes based on fuel price fluctuations. It is added or credited to the bill accordingly.

Can FPA be withdrawn in the GEPCO bill?

Yes, if your bill is amended in the corresponding month, FPA can be adjusted.

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